A granite worktop is the perfect choice if you are looking for a surface that is easy to maintain, hard to scratch and nearly impossible to burn.

At Aristocraft, we take great care to choose only the highest quality granites from quarries all over the world, giving you a wide range of colours and textures to select from.

  • Natural look – you can’t get any more natural than 750 million to 3 billion year old rock.
  • Durable – Granite is hard wearing, forged in the heat of the earth’s crust. It’d be hard to harm this stuff!
  • Beautiful – elegant, sleek, stylish and full of character. No granite slab is alike.

With our unbeatable 15 year guarantee on all granite worktops, you can be sure you are receiving a product we believe in. All granite worktops also come with a stain proof warranty.


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