How to create a perfect space for your home - a guide to planning a new kitchen.

Follow our simple but effective guide on how to go about planning your new kitchen. Right from your initial hopes and dreams through to the installation and reality.

When you decide the time is right to get a new kitchen it’s a very exciting time and we believe is the best and most stimulating part of the house to renovate. Although along with this it can also be a very time-consuming, tiresome and stressful period to fine tune this process. From picking the right design to finalising that last little detail, there is a huge amount to take in. That’s why here at Aristocraft we have compiled this process which we believe you should take. This journey will make the choice of your new kitchen more manageable. Not only this will the choice have been made with proper consideration.

1. Assess The Situation

Kitchen Guide

First of all you need to assess your current position. This is a perfect starting point for your kitchen journey. Take a look around your current kitchen space and make an account of the beautiful things you like and also the things you dislike. Anything from appliances to door handles to storage space. This will then allow you to keep an idea of what you would like to keep or replicate in your new kitchen and also what you would like to get rid of.

You next need to consider if the current kitchen space within your home is adequate. This would mean you would have to consider an extension or expansion or just keep what you currently have dimensions wise. This will then bring you to address the actual use of your kitchen space. Do you need it just to cook and prepare meals? Do you need it to host and entertain family and friends? Or do you need it to be a multi functional area for all purposes.

2. Plumbing and Lighting Considerations

First of all you need to asses where your current pipe work is. Will you require additional plumbing to allow for new appliances in your dream kitchen design? If so you need to ensure all plumbing and electric works are undertaken first of all as if you are having a new floor these works will have to be done before this is implemented. Not only this you will need to ensure relevant plug points are located in the kitchen so you can plug all appliances in to use.

If you are struggling for space in your new kitchen design then under floor heating is becoming a more popular choice. This means there is no need for radiators and space will be saved, although again this will have to be implemented before any other work is done.

Along with this is the factor of planning your lighting. At Aristocraft we would recommend you keep your lighting quite flexible as you can then light up different parts of your kitchen separately. A popular choice now is also secondary lighting in the form of simple but effective spot lights.

Everyone looks to have their kitchen how they want it and this is shown none other than in the lighting. So it’s imperative you plan and prioritise your lighting to ensure your kitchen is tailored to your needs and wants. Again we would urge you to get the electrics in place for your lights before delve into the remaining elements of your kitchen.

3. Find Your Inspiration

Kitchen Inspiration

The choice of a new kitchen design and look is a very personal choice. We would advise you to look around, save pictures, keep snippets and cut outs. Then you can come up with a compilation of all the different components you want to have in your new kitchen.

Here at Aristocraft we would say at this point to focus solely on the style you want gaining any bit of fabric, colour scheme or material you can that inspires you and you believe will fit perfectly into your home. We would also tell you to create an ongoing list of different accessories you like and keep the list ongoing.

4. Meet With Our Award Winning Designer

The next step in this journey would be to meet up with our award winning designer and team in our showroom. Input from an award winning professional we believe is invaluable and their experience and expertise in this role will help and offer you innovative but simple ideas to maximise your space. They usually offer thoughts and ideas that you initially may not have thought of.

Our kitchen designer is up to date with all our fabulous products and can advise and check everything for you. Our designer will almost fully project manage your kitchen implementation, making your dreams a reality, whilst also maximising efficiency.








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5. Set Your Budget

When it comes to budget this is always a sore subject so to speak in the kitchen industry. We urge you to be honest about your budget so our award winning designers and fellow members of staff can help you spread your budget whatever it is across the whole design. It’s so easy to get carried away when planning your new kitchen with countless appliances and features. At Aristocraft we aim to please any budget and only advise you on things we believe you will genuinely use.

Within your budget there is two key points to make which are often forgotten about when declaring your amount. The first is don’t forget there is installation and fitting fees as well as purchasing the actual kitchen product itself. Secondly we would also advise the have a little contingency fund for your kitchen just in case of any unexpected costs that you may incur. Our last general tip is that is it is affordable buying better than the cheapest products is always a good idea as they are usually more durable.

6. Get Us To Install Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen design installed

So you’ve now chosen your kitchen design, layout and style and you’ve confirmed everything you’ll ask what happens next? You will now need our expert fitters here at Aristocraft to install it. The installation of the kitchen can determine a good or bad finished article. We believe we have the best kitchen fitters that can make any kitchen of any expense look truly amazing.

It may become hard to manage and organise at this stage as you will have plumbers, electricians, builders and fitters all around at once. Fear not, this is where we can fully project manage your project and keep the process running smoothly.  This will make everyone clear as what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

After all this is then done then it is the last hurdle of making your new kitchen feel more articulate is adding the finish touches. These are features such as simple door handles, wooden stools or even fabricated seats. This is where your accessories list will come in handy being able to remember the key touches that you wanted to implement into your new kitchen to put your stamp on it.