accessible kitchens

But the role of the helpers should also be attractive with as good a working environment as possible.

This is why we have chosen to specialise in flexible and integrated solutions that make everyday life easier in private homes, institutions, and care centres. Stylish and discreet, our functional assistive devices for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms are seamlessly integrated in the home and provide a better working environment for disabled people and their carers.

We want to be your first choice when it comes to disability-friendly furniture and assistive devices, and, to live up to this mission we make sure to involve users in new product development.

Aristocraft is ready to help and guide you. Together, we can plan a kitchen with optimal space utilization. Involve us from the moment you plan your house and utilize our 35 years of experience. Together, we match your needs and make sure that the end result is perfect.

Multi-functional kitchens are flexible and offer a wide range of individual solutions for sheltered housing, special schools, nursing homes, training and institutional kitchens, private homes etc. All height-adjustable systems can be hidden and operated either electrically or manually. Easy to fit, the systems are stable and safe and made only of top quality materials.

Our goal is to create a daily life with self-esteem, quality, and the freedom to safely look after yourself. Users and helpers know their own challenges the best. That’s why we are in a continuous dialogue from idea to finished product. And together, we make high demands on accessibility, product selection, and design.
Product development and production take place at our own factory where our technicians work in close interaction with external therapists and industrial designers and do their utmost to deliver future proof assistive devices and furniture for people with disabilities.

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