Best ways to maximise space in a small kitchen

Don't let a smaller kitchen stop you from being able to create a new and amazing space.

Being able to fit a new kitchen can seem an impossible task when it is on the smaller side, but that shouldn’t be the case. No matter what size kitchen you have, there are plenty of kitchen design ideas for you to consider and maximise the space that you have.

Our team of kitchen designers in the West Midlands understand the struggles that you may face and how challenging it can be. We have set out some solutions to consider and the best ways to utilise space in your kitchen.


With modern capabilities and trends, there are many clever kitchen storage ideas that don’t involve taking up a lot of space. At Aristocraft, our fitted kitchens are designed with storage in mind, being able to meet modern-day demands whilst appearing stylish.

For a smaller kitchen, you could explore implementing storage such as pantries or pull-out storage cupboards. This is a great way to have plenty of storage in your kitchen without having items piled up or crammed into one drawer, everything can be accessible and conveniently placed. You can also have slim shelves and cupboards, ideal for fitting corners or to fix on small walls.

Integrated appliances

Sometimes, ovens can be particularly space-consuming and need to be placed in a certain area of your kitchen, becoming an inconvenience and thing to work around. Save yourself the frustration and try integrated appliances that can look extremely modern and sleek. You can fix these to the worktops and cupboards to avoid them needing to be free-standing. Integrated hobs can fit brilliantly into your kitchen worktops, maintaining clean lines and presenting a stylish aesthetic.

Fitting integrated appliances in your smaller kitchen can achieve a minimalistic look and avoid over-crowding in the room. A perfect look to suit all preferences.

Finish and colour

Whilst storage is a big factor in designing a small kitchen, finishes and colour will contribute to creating an open space. Opting for a glossy finish will naturally bounce light around the room and make an impression of a larger area.

Using light colours in your kitchen design can simply make your kitchen appear bigger. Avoid using too many dark colours as it can give a dingy and closed appearance, something we definitely don’t want when trying to maximise our space. Simplistic colours such as white or pale shades with a dash of darker features can balance out nicely to ooze style.

Homely additions

It can be easy to design a kitchen without thinking about the feel that you want it to radiate. Certain additions and quirky features can make the room feel more homely as opposed to just another room in the rouse. You can make your small kitchen feel warm and welcoming through small techniques, whether that is by putting out little plants or quirky accessories to suit you.

How can Aristocraft help?

Our kitchen designers in Birmingham can work with you to discover how to get the most from a small kitchen. Our service doesn’t stop there, we also can supply and install kitchens across the West Midlands, truly seeing your process from start to finish.

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