It’s all about you. You’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge and find your dream kitchen. Whether you’re absolutely certain of what you want down to the size, shape and colour of the cupboards, or you haven’t got a clue where to begin, you’re in safe hands.



All of our services are free from obligation and tailored to your every need. Whether you wish to book an in-store consultation bringing your ideas and initial thoughts, or whether you wish for us to visit your home and take the room dimensions whilst taking in to consideration all your requirements we have a service ready for you.

We do not sell in your home or request any other information other than what it is we can do to meet your every requirement before leaving your premises, and undertaking the designs at our showroom before booking you back in to come and see us.


Step 2


Planning + Design

using the very best in computer aided design software we turn your ideas in to 'real life' visual design views enabling you to see how it will look from all angles.

We take the time to consider the overall look of your scheme to include interior decor, soft furnishings and every additional piece of detail you require to conceptualise your dream kitchen or bedroom. We take time to guide you through the choice of materials and design considerations to ensure as a customer you understand the values attributable to each choice you make.

All of our costing detail is complete to the full requirements of your kitchen or bedroom, no details are left unaccounted for even down to the colour of your cutlery tray!

We can always suggest value engineered alternatives or give you scope to expand your spending. We always aim to give our 'best price first time' for these works and we will give you a price match guarantee on all of our quotations. Our 'best price first time' pricing policy is there to give our customers the confidence to purchase our high quality products at value for money.

we offer the best price to bring all of these features within affordable range of our customers. For many years now people have been over charged for their kitchens and the industry has made such large profits. We aim to give the highest quality and best price to our customers at a sustainable profit level for our family run business.

Step 3


Through our experience, knowledge and understanding of the intricacies with our ever-vigilant approach, to the finer details we ensure all requirements are captured through our checklist process.

On second survey our experienced fitters will visit site and introduce themselves as our site representatives to check all dimensions, services and logistical requirements before we place your order in to manufacture.

All made to order to your exact requirements, a piece of beauty made for you.



Our project services run from start to finish from our pre-installation services and full fitting. Our fitters are a part of this family and integral to our business.

Our pre-installation services are trusted and vetted tradesmen offering engineer / building services, electrical, plumbing and plastering requirements. We also work regularly with third party builders and if you decided to use our services we will hold meetings with your builder to determine the exact scope of works, programme dates, plumbing and requirements all to ensure the design fits perfectly.

For your information when choosing Aristocraft Supply & Fitting you will get the complete 'end-to-end' project management service, with:

- Final survey before delivery
- Removal of existing kitchen, all skips provided
- Removal of existing tiling (wall & floor)
- Full design liability with Aristocraft; any problems we'll fix it
- All gas & electrical survey, installation and certification
- Appliance installation
- Worktops
- Plumbing
- Basically everything you need for piece of mind

Your designer is there with you every step of the way and our fitter is your on site representative who will manage all aspects of pre-installation and fitting.

No one fits a kitchen like an Aristocraft installer, fitting kitchen of quality since 1982. 'This is what quality looks like...!'


Step 5


Quality Control

Our Managing Director will take the time to visit all our customer to undertake final checks before signing the job off.

This approach builds improved trust and confidence for our customers who choose Aristocraft to install their kitchen or bedroom so we can personally make sure your kitchen is performing exactly as it should. Once your kitchen is installed, you'll receive a 5 year workmanship guarantee.


We understand the investment you're making when you choose to purchase a new kitchen or bedroom. We also understand that you are putting your trust in us to get it right, as efficiently and as pain-free as possible!

below, Our operations Director richard Rowland discusses the processes we have in place to make sure we do just that.


We provide a fantastic range of fitted kitchens, bedrooms, and home studies in a variety of styles. We’re confident that our range has something for every taste, preference, and budget.

Take a look through our selection of kitchens and bedrooms below. Alternatively, you can visit us at one of our showrooms to see these products up close.


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