With nearly four decades of design expertise and experience, our award-winning team of kitchen designers, here at Aristocraft Kitchens, have developed a range of thoughtfully-designed kitchens for less able and wheelchair users. While these styles of adapted kitchens are still suitable for other people within the household, our accessible kitchens incorporate additional tailored features that make them easier to use and more convenient for those who need accessibility. The secret to a perfectly functional adapted kitchen is looking at the small details that can make a big difference. Thanks to our accessible fitted kitchen solutions, everyone in the household will be able to take part in everyday activities equally and confidently, all while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing space that has been designed to suit everyone's needs.

Our Range

The true charm of our 1909 kitchens is in their simplicity. With painted kitchen cabinets and in-frame kitchen doors, our designs have the soul of a traditional, classic British-style kitchen. Yet, the minimalistic approach, typical for a Shaker kitchen, brings modernistic restraint and practicality to the kitchen layout.
If you are looking for a new kitchen to bring a contemporary aesthetic to an otherwise traditional home, our Georgian kitchen design is a winner with its single-colour painted woodwork, matte finish and artful implementation of greys. For a beautifully minimalistic design that optimises the functionality of your kitchen space, turn to our Shaker kitchen design. Featuring solid-oak and a choice of storm blue or putty for the colour scheme, it creates a modern space, perfect for relaxation and entertaining.
Our choice of versatile 1909 kitchens doesn’t end there. From the adaptable Slab fitted kitchen design to the stunning Half Pencil and Scalloped design, which is the most detailed in our 1909 kitchens range, there is a whole world of kitchens for you to choose from. Simply explore our full selection of options below.

Unforgettable glamour meets classic functionality - this is the combination that lies at the heart of our Platinum luxury kitchens range. Modern marble kitchen surfaces, high-quality, solid wood interior and luxurious glossy surfaces are amongst the characteristic features of these designs.
If you have a large space to work with, our Calgary design with its intricate details, marble worktops and smart storage solutions is a great way to bring the graceful elegance of a luxury mansion kitchen to your home. The seamless, smooth-flowing rounded Jasper design, on the other hand, is the perfect solution to optimise the potential of a small luxury kitchen.
For the classic lovers, Toronto - an elegant white kitchen with soft shades of blue, grey and cream, is a design befitting a modern home that craves the traditional look of wooden kitchen units. Whereas Lawrence, with its unique door profiles featuring beaded centre panels, is the answer for those who want their luxury kitchen to stand out. Discover all our Platinum range has to offer below.

Our 1909 Range

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Luxury is the name of the game when it comes to our Platinum kitchens range. Here at Aristocraft Kitchens, we work with a team of West Midlands-based, award-winning kitchen designers to create modern luxury kitchen designs with a comfortable, classic feel.

The best way to experience the atmosphere of our luxury kitchens and to imagine what it would be like to have one in your own home is to visit one of our three showrooms in the West Midlands - in Solihull, Merry Hill or Sutton. There you can discover the true appeal of the Platinum range in person.


Why choose us?

Individual approach

We take the time to listen to your needs and assess your individual requirements, so we can ensure that your new fitted kitchen is accessible and functional to every member of your household.

Experienced designers

Aristocraft Kitchens was founded in 1981 and we have been building our knowledge and expertise for nearly 40 years, so we understand your needs better than anyone else.

Award-winning team

Our bespoke fitted designs have won numerous awards over the years, including the Designer of the Year award at the KBB Review Retail & Design Awards in 2020.

Local West Midlands specialist

As a family-run business with decades of industry experience, we are your trusted local specialists for accessible fitted kitchens in the West Midlands

Impeccable attention to detail

We offer adaptable kitchen designs of the highest quality while taking into account all those important details, including lowered heights for easier access, illuminated shelves and easy to clean surfaces, as well as additional colour and lighting considerations.

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

Our 1909 kitchens range is heavily influenced by the Shaker-style kitchen, with our Shaker design entirely revolving around the traditional look and feel of a Shaker kitchen. However, if you are not a design history buff you may not be familiar with the concept.

The beauty of a Shaker kitchen is in its versatility. The Shaker style is linear and minimalistic with a focus on practicality, which makes it thoroughly modern. However, it also features in-frame kitchen units and signature painted kitchen cabinets, which are details that lend themselves to a more traditional approach to kitchen design. In short, a Shaker kitchen brings the best of both worlds together in a perfect unison between classic and contemporary.
Traditionally, you will find that in terms of a colour palette a Shaker kitchen leans on the traditional side with white, grey and cream dominating the scene. Another characteristic feature of the Shaker style is the use of solid wood, especially oak or beech.

Our Ethos

Here at Aristocraft Kitchens, we believe that every home is a special place and we strive to create stunning kitchens that perfectly match the character of your house. We are a family-run business and we treat each project as if it was for our own kitchen. Having been a leader in the bespoke, fitted and luxury kitchen designs sector for nearly 40 years, we take pride in our award-winning designs, exceptional quality and professionalism. Aristocraft Kitchens offers you:

Luxury kitchen designs since 1982

Team of award-winning designers working on your kitchen

Exceptional customer service every step of the way

The best British quality at affordable prices

Buy Now: Pay Later
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There is no greater sign of success for any business than happy customers. Aristocraft Kitchens & Bedrooms has been helping families across the UK achieve their home dreams since 1981. Here’s what some of them would like to share with you about their experience.

real life inspiration

Having been in the kitchen design sector for nearly four decades, the Aristocraft Kitchens team have designed the perfect kitchens for hundreds of families across the West Midlands and throughout the entire UK. Whether you are looking for a small luxury kitchen or you have a vision of a large modern luxury kitchen, we can help you find inspiration in our gallery of real-life projects that we have completed. The next Platinum kitchen could be yours!

The Perfect Accessible Kitchen

Every accessible kitchen is different and so we take a bespoke approach to each individual adaptable kitchen project we work on. From taking into account vision impairment considerations, such as implementing various lightning solutions along with pull-out shelves and drawer, to designing accessible kitchen furniture and work surfaces, including rise and fall work surfaces for wheelchair users - throughout our years of experience, we have grown to understand the very specific requirements that you may have and we know how to answer them in our designs.

Some of the factors we account for when making a disabled kitchen include the size of the wheelchair, the user’s upper limb strength and range of movement, their dominant hand and their eyesight strength. We will also discuss with you how your kitchen will be used in order to better fit your needs. Starting with who will be using the kitchen, we then explore the details of how they will do it, for example, would they rather cook from scratch and would there be someone helping out. Here at Aristocraft Kitchens, we take the time to get to know you in order to tailor-make your perfect accessible kitchen.
Once we have gone over all of the details with you, you can simply step back, relax and let us get to work. We will install all the functional equipment your adaptable kitchen needs from ovens and hobs, to lower sinks and taps, accessible furniture and rise & fall work surfaces. Once we are done with your bespoke kitchen project, your whole family will have equal access to a beautiful and comfortable kitchen that they can cook, unwind and socialise in.
Get in touch with our accessible fitted kitchens specialist in the West Midlands today and book your consultation with us.

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